Interdisciplinary Innovation

We combine educational research, natural language processing (NLP) in Machine Learning, and ethics of Artificial intelligence (Noble, 2018) to broaden the conversation on academic achievement and professional accomplishments. This helps us disrupt conversations around educational success and hiring practices.

Disrupting the Societal Status Quo

Structural inequalities in the society have been framed by race/ethnicity, poverty, migration, homelessness, and/or legal status. Being positioned in one or more of these creates an opportunity gap (See Carter & Welner, 2013 ). Despite the opportunity gap, we at LivedX believe that individuals’ lived experiences are rich in meaning and imbued with competencies that are worth documenting, validating, and credentialing. LivedX approaches peoples’ life experiences from an asset-based perspective. LivedX is forward looking and aspires to address these disparities by re envisioning what is possible for educational success and workplace hiring practices.




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