LivedX partners with the University of Colorado Denver

We are excited to announce that LivedX has established a partnership with the University of Colorado Denver to assign college credits

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Ethical and Humanizing AI

Curating Experiences for Credentials

About LivedX

LivedX is an online portal that translates peoples’ everyday life experiences into credentials by leveraging proprietary Machine Learning technology. We help our users create a portfolio of highly-valued skills sought and recognized by educational institutions and workplaces. LivedX prides on being user-guided, user-centric, and research driven to amplify skills and talents not often recognized in traditional admission or hiring processes. Our ecosystem connects users, content, and experts.

LivedX Masters

LivedX is for

LivedX Masters

LivedX is a tool for high school students to create a longitudinal portfolio of college and career readiness skills to meet the state requirements. Using stackable micro-credentials-based portfolios could be converted to college credit.

LivedX Masters

LivedX is a tool for students to create a longitudinal portfolio of highly-valued skills to meet state requirements and increase graduation rates. Equipping students with 21st century skills along with professional expertise is the future of college education.

LivedX Masters

LivedX is a tool to create a profile for highly-valuable skills that are not captured by an individual's GPA and professional degrees. LivedX helps you diversify your workforce and provide opportunities for individuals’ upskilling. We create an efficient, fair, and ethical hiring process.

LivedX Masters

LivedX is a tool to create a unique and personalized portfolio of highly-valued skills to provide an edge to your academic or professional profile.


Geeta Verma, Founder, LivedX & Professor, University of Colorado Denver

Geeta Verma has a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction (Science Education) and has worked in the field of STEM education as a classroom teacher and professor for over 25 years. She created LivedX to empower youth with diverse backgrounds by accrediting their life experiences to succeed in educational opportunities and the workplace. She aspires to translate impactful educational research into practice using innovation, entrepreneurship, and ethical technology. Geeta has an excellent ability to create systems and processes for supporting success and is experienced in leading and implementing change and innovation. Her research has been funded by federal and state agencies including National Science Foundation. She is currently the co-Editor in Chief Journal of Science Teacher Education and serves on the editorial board of multiple academic journals.

Advisory Team

Barbara Gueldner,
Social-emotional learning

Barbara Gueldner, PhD, MSE is a Colorado-based psychologist specializing in children's mental and developmental health from birth to 21 years, school-, home-, and community-based prevention and intervention frameworks and strategies, social and emotional learning (SEL)

Brad Hinson,
Educational Technology

Brad Hinson is a career educator, technologist, and developer focusing on learning experience design, media studies, and education futures. His experience spans K-20 education systems, faculty, learners, and learning environments; focusing on digital education and emerging practices.

Barbara Seidel,
Student Success

Dr. Barbara Seidl is the Associate Dean for Teacher Education and Undergraduate Experiences in the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) at the University of Colorado Denver. She supports the SEHD’s many teacher education pathways, urban and rural, as well as initiatives and infrastructures that serve and promote the success of undergraduates in the school. Her commitment is to supporting diverse and first generation students and her research focuses on the preparation of teachers for diverse communities. She has over 20 years of experience developing and administering teacher education programs.

Ashis Biswas,
ML & Artificial Intelligence

Ashis Biawas is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver. His main research areas are Machine learning, Data mining, Big Data analysis, and Bioinformatics. He aspires to develop novel algorithms to solve problems while respecting the underlying problem structures and presenting with scalable platforms that can handle massive and heterogeneous data-sets.

Helen Douglass,
Design Thinker

Dr. Helen Douglass is an Assistant Professor of STEM Education. She has over 20 years of K-20 education experience with expertise in design thinking and maker education to create engaging STEM Learning spaces. Her intertwining interest in innovation and equity/inclusion informs her identification and creation of diverse and unconventional spaces of learning as well as her research using visual methodologies.

Carletta Stewart,
Leadership Development

Dr. Carletta Stewart is a retired military leader and Founder of Lady Trailblazer Incorporated. Her strengths lie in her diverse experiences in leading organizational change, program development, and problem-solving. Her strong focus on STEM education and careers led to her research titled, " The underrepresentation of female leaders in STEM education". Since then she has put her research to work by developing STEM Persistence programs for girls and women. Her commitment to serve is a part of her DNA. She is committed to empowering the next generation of leaders by developing equitable and sustainable curricula and relevant problem-solving applications. Her Motto is “Don’t leave anything unfinished”.

Brian Lightfoot
Community Based Research

Brian is currently a PhD candidate in the Education Foundations, Policy and Practice program at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is a proud HBCU alum (Clark Atlanta University) and received his B.A. in Mass Media Arts. He has a strong history of advocacy and community engagement in Denver and works as a consultant for philanthropic foundations and youth organizations. Brian has published in student activism, charter school policies, and teacher preparation.

LivedX Global Affiliates

Rod Blunck,

Dr. Rod L. Blunck is a career educator with more than 2 decades in public education. He was appointed Superintendent of Schools of the School District 27J in May of 2006 following years of service at other school districts. In 2006, Dr. Blunck was awarded the Colorado Superintendent of the Year distinction for the fiscal recovery of the Elizabeth C-1 School District.

Ashish Joshi,
 MS (Industrial Engg), USA

Ashish is an accomplished Professional Growth Coach and a reputed personality in the training industry. He is a certified Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) HUNA (Coach and Counselor) and focuses on individual's growth and development across multiple industries. Ashish finds the LivedX methodology unique and extremely relevant to his work and believes it can be leveraged to help individuals grow in their personal and professional journeys.


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LivedX Masters
LivedX Masters